Place to stay!

Where do you stay during the event?


Some guys have asked us some questions about how you can stay at the event.

The event venue has plenty of room for those people who would like to put up a tent, sleep in their car (like the danes always do) or bring a caravan. Electricity will be in the venue area so you can charge batteries and you guys will be able to use a toilet/bathroom!

If you would like to stay at a Hotell this is two options in Norrköping (10 minutes away with car)
(Good prices and good places to stay)

If you are several people coming and would like to stay close in a larger house, this is available! Contact the owners and check if you can rent i for the weekend:
Skärblacka: (House) for several people (5 minutes away):

If you are several that will fly, hotell might be good as shown above. I think there will be several people doing this and then we fix a car so you easy can go to the eventsite, and on the eventsite you can leave all fishinggear, kayaks, charge batteries and so on.

Let me know if you have any more questions! we are happy to help.



Felix Frey